Overall Tech-Check for Used Smartphones

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Why TestM?

Buying a used smartphone?
Now you can request a full TestM Report from the seller to actually see what you are buying!

Need to sell your used smartphone quickly?
Attach a TestM Report to your listing and it’s sold!

Need to fix your smartphone?
Use TestM to find out what’s broken before you go into the lab!

About TestM

TestM is a game-changing app that evaluates the performance of any smartphone, in 5 minutes or less, at no cost!

TestM’s unique diagnostics perform rugged hardware tests that ensure that every component is functioning properly.

The app supports over 6500 models of android and IOS devices.

TestM is rapidly becoming the industry standard in used smartphone consumerism, delivering transparency between buyer and seller while boosting confidence on both ends of the transaction.
A comprehensive TestM Report is generated to validate the condition of every component of the smartphone.

When buying a used smartphone, insist on a TestM report, to inform you of the exact condition of each and every component of the device you are purchasing.

When selling, attach a TestM report to your listing, in order to remove the worry a buyer may have about buying an untested device.

TestM: Over-all Tech-check for preowned Smartphones!

Hardware Diagnostics

Our full hardware diagnostic report enables you to verify the condition of any smartphone in a few minutes.

Buying a phone

Insist that the seller attach a TestM report before you purchase a smartphone to ensure the device you are buying is working properly.

Locating a repair shop

Search for nearby repair shops to save precious time and money.

Selling a phone

Maximize your phone’s resale value by attaching a link to our report to let buyers know it has passed a multi-point inspection.

What is TestM Verified Test report?

It's the best way to buy or sell a smartphone.